Miracle Says Nina isn’t A Game for Him

During a conversation with Teddy A and Miracle, Tobi said he feels that some housemates, especially the ladies, need to be evicted so that the house can be lively.

Teddy teases him and asks if he is this way because his relationship with Cee-C isn’t working out well. Tobi responds telling Teddy A that he can kiss Bambam and nothing would happen.

Tobi further asks Teddy A and Miracle what they would do if they evict their women, Bambam and Nina, respectively.

Miracle tells him that Nina isn’t a game for him, and that if she is evicted, he would simply remain neutral. He adds that he can’t have the bond he has with her with any other housemate.

Remember: Anto, Cee-C, Lolu, Bambam, Tobi, Alex, Teddy A and Miracle are up for possible eviction this week

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