Bambam Wins Week 7’s Payporte Arena Games

Following the winning of the Samvita cooking task, Bambam secured another win during the Arena Games. Here is a summary of week 7 payporte arena games results.
  •  Lolu- 07:52 Seconds
  • Nina- 07:17 Secondes
  • Teddy A- 02:47 Seconds
  • Bambam- 01:50 Seconds
  • Miracle- 03:10 Seconds
  • Cee-C- 05:05 Seconds
  • Tobi- 02:34 Seconds
  • Anto- 05:00 Seconds
  • Rico Swavey- 04:01 Seconds
  • Alex- 04:40 Seconds
When Bambam was announced as the ultimate winner, she was beaming of pride and Housemates seemed to be genuinely thrilled at her victory.

However, on how the nominations went last Monday, Teddy A nominated Tobi and Miracle; Rico nominated Cee-C and Miracle; Cee-C nominated Anto and Alex; Nina nominated Bambam and Lolu; Miracle nominated Cee-C and Lolu; Alex nominates Bambam and Cee-C; Tobi nominated Teddy A and Bambam; Bambam nominated Tobi and Anto; Lolu nominated Rico and Bambam while Anto nominated Teddy A and Alex.

Who do you think will be leaving the house tomorrow?

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