#BBNAIJA: Week 3 Nomination Results!

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 3 Nominations results are in, And tonight the house had a little extra drama! Thanks to Biggie…., Yap! sit down fans for this one, #DoubleWahala ahead of you!

When Biggie summoned the Housemates to go to the garden and prepare for their Live Nomination show, weren’t sure of what would happen next. But wait! Maybe we just missed a point here, Right! And we can say; “All Big Brother Naija housemates are nominated and are up for possible Eviction come this Sunday except Head Of House, Khloe and her partner, K.Brule plus Leo and Alex, who were also saved by this week’s Head Of House”.

This comes after Biggie allegely accused all the Big Brother Naija housemates for violating one of the Big Brother rules, “Conspiracy”. Housemates had earlier discussed on they were going to nominate before the Live Nomination show hence breaking the rules. And as a punishment from Biggie, all housemates were nominated.

Meanwhile, Khloe with the ‘upper hand’ of Head of House, survived the nimination slot together with her partner, K.Brule. But later she was given a chance to save atleast one of the remaining [9 pairs] and she chose to save Leo and Alex. But eventually she did and she seems to have brought a new attitude in the house. Contersy of Biggie.

Week 3 Final Results – Nominated Pairs!

  • Miracle and Nina
  • Vandora and Dee-One
  • Princess and Bitto
  • Rico and Ahneeka
  • BamBam and Teddy A
  • Lolu and Anto
  • Cee C and Tobi
  • Angel and Ifu Ennada
Meanwhile, See which who nominated the other during Tonight’s Live Nomination Show on Big Brother Naija before Biggie’s nulification of the results – [Week Three]:
  • Mircle & Nina nominated: Bambam & Teddy and Lolu & Anto
  • Vandora & Dee-One nominated: Mracle & Nina and Cee C & Tobi
  • Princess & Bitto nominated: Cee C & Tobi and Miracle & Nina
  • Rice & Ahneeka nominations: Miracle & Nina and Lolu & Anto
  • Bambam & Teddy A nominated: Miracle & Nina and Lolu & Anto.
  • Lolu & Anto nominated: Cee C & Tobi and Miracle & Nina.
  • Cee C & Tobi nominated: Vandora & Dee-One and Lolu & Anto
  • Leo & Alex nominated: Angel & Ifu Ennada and Miracle & Nina
  • Angel & IFu Ennada nominated: Cee C & Tobi and Miracle & Nina
  • Khloe & K.Brule nominated: Vandora & Dee-One and Cee C & Tobi
Whoa! This is awesome…and let the drama start. So what are your predictions for this Sunday’s Eviction? Who do you think will be going home?

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