#BBnaija Day 3: The Pairing Aftermath

After the permanent pairing Task, many of the Housemates have mixed feelings, regrets and apologies. 

Today was a head spinner for the Housemates, finding out that not only will they be partnered with their choices permanently but they will also be acting as a unit when it comes to Nominations and Evictions. 

The aftermath of the pairing Task was interesting to say the least. BamBam being the free spirit that she is, chose to be experimental with her choice in Teddy A but after finding out that it would be a fixed partnership she immediately regretted her decision. Her concerns were that she does not know Teddy A well enough and the only reason she chose him was because she was being "unbiased". It seems strange that Teddy A even accepted her offer, could it be a strategic move on his part?
The wind was also completely out of Vandora's sails after the Task as she chose Dee-One purely because she just didn’t want to be rejected.

Dee-One went over and apologised to Ahneeka but didn't really give her a reason why he rejected her. He was however, able to quell the raging sea inside her with a few chuckles and some kind words.

Many of the Housemates got to gossiping out the unexpected rejection. Everyone was shocked at her reaction but also pondered on how this will affect the voting because we all know there is nothing more vicious than a woman scorned.

Another interesting reaction came from the charmer boy himself, Miracle was clearly dismayed at the pairing with Nina but obviously felt like he could reject her after their intimate moments and budding romance.

Biggie has definitely thrown a spanner in the works here all in the name of strategic alliances, Who do you think made the worst choice in their pairing? 
Regrets, apologies and strategies

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