#BBNaija Day 2: One Love, or is it?

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This week's theme is "One Love" but Khloe seems to be exhibiting the opposite during today's group Task.

With the Housemates' Wager of 75% yesterday, today saw them getting briefed for their first major group Task presentation. This required them to seperate into two groups (this is Double Wahala after all) and come up with a solid ethos.
The Housemates had one hour to decide on the groups, the group names and the group leaders. The reason why Biggie established these ground rules is because the groups will have an elaborate Task presentation on Thursday.
Big Brother has decided that the 10 presentations are to be equally divided among the 10 Housemates in each group.
There will be a poem presentation, two members will each perform a song, three members will put on a runway catwalk and four cooks will present a meal.
The Housemates are expected to create original content of their artistic expression and let's just say that some Housemates were expressing themselves more than others.
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During the group discussions Khloe got extremely fired up when deciding on her group's colour - she lay into Dee-one and caused a huge scene within the group. Ahneeka told her to "stop bringing negative energy" into the situation. Tobi tried to intervene but this only made things worse then Leo came to the fore with his opinion about Khloe's seemingly bossy behaviour.
With the tension mounting, which team do you think will win this week's Wager?

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